[Dshield] Spam 101 Question

mjost mjost at cox.net
Tue Aug 9 14:46:36 GMT 2005


>using my local SMTP service (Windows Server 2003/IIS 6.0). 

As several others have determined that your mail server is possibly open,
you can run a very quick test using the Internet Mail Wizard on your 2003
exchange server and check and see if your server is actually configured as
an Open Relay.

This process will show you that IF the "Open Relay Configuration" page does
actually display, then your server is configured to allow open relay, at
which point you can disable that option at this point and restart you
exchange server and test it again.

When you use some third-party tools to test SMTP servers for relay, the SMTP
server may seem to fail the test and your exchange server may seem to be
open for relay, although it is not.

See a complete testing process at:

Mark Jost

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