[Dshield] Outlook & PGP signed e-mail. Was: ID theft ring hits50 banks, firm says

Meidinger Christopher chris.meidinger at badenIT.de
Tue Aug 9 22:22:12 GMT 2005

> > Outlook does support S-Mime natively, and pgp with free plugins.
> > Thunderbird, Evolution, K-Mail, pine, mutt support pgp and s/mime.
> Just as an aside, I feel a *lot* of cognitive dissonance 
> whenever I hear
> of people clued enough to subscribe to a security mailing 
> list, but still
> using Outlook when there's many other choices....

What of the *many* substitutes would you suggest when work uses an
exchange server without OWA? Assume it is necessary to use the
calendaring functions.

Thanks for your kind reply, 


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