[Dshield] DDOS packet signature?

Frank Knobbe frank at knobbe.us
Wed Aug 10 04:52:37 GMT 2005

On Tue, 2005-08-09 at 21:54 -0500, TRushing at hollandco.com wrote:
> Destination port on my machine was always either 1024 or 3072.  Source 
> ports were 22, 53, 80, 6667 and 6668.

Perhaps someone is performing a scan against a server using spoofed
decoy addresses, yours being one of them. That's why you get the
SYN-ACKs back without having sent one. An alternative might be that
someone is trying to SYN flood an IRC server, again with spoofed IP
address, one of which matches yours.

Since you observed the ports listed above, it's quite possible that your
IP was used in a decoy scan.


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