[Dshield] Outlook & PGP signed e-mail. Was: ID theft ring hits 50 banks, firm says

Bo Nordgren bo at nordgren.net
Wed Aug 10 07:30:57 GMT 2005

On Tue, 09 Aug 2005 16:45:13 -0400, Johannes B. Ullrich wrote
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> > Every email I see you post to the DShield list has the actual body of your
> > message imbedded as an attachment 2 levels deep (viewing with Outlook.)
> > 
> > Kind of aggravating on the readers end. Worse it makes searching for your
> > eloquent and enlightening comments later most difficult.
> Its Outlooks interpretation of PGP signed e-mail messages. It is sad,
> but only a tiny fraction of e-mail users uses signed/encrypted email,
> even though almost every non-web based client supports some kind of
> encryption/signing.
> Outlook does support S-Mime natively, and pgp with free plugins.
> Thunderbird, Evolution, K-Mail, pine, mutt support pgp and s/mime.
> Just as a test, I sent this message using plain text signing. But this
> method is not quite as versatile.
> Version: GnuPG v1.2.5 (GNU/Linux)
> Comment: Using GnuPG with Thunderbird - http://enigmail.mozdev.org
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Since you are on the subject I just wanted to ask why you feel the need to encrypt the
message? I remember (way to long ago) that it used to be quite common to include one
version encrypted and one unencrypted so that the recipient can verify that the message
has not been modified along the way.

I left the original message above as I see it in my openwebmail that I use while at
work. When it comes to mailreaders it is almong the best and even has a ssh java program

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