[Dshield] Spam 101 Question

Jeffrey Pike jpike at gpl.org
Wed Aug 10 16:00:47 GMT 2005

> You might want to check your email server, according to 
> DNSREPORT your mail server is an open relay.  Can you check 
> your queues?  People may be relaying spam through you:
> WARNING: mail.gpl.org appears to be an open relay: 250 recipient  ok 


I think this is a different issue. mail.gpl.org is the mail host that my
ISP, Charter Communications, set up for all regular library e-mail. Except
for the newsletter I send, Charter manages all of our e-mail. So maybe
Charter's mail host is an open relay, and I should inform them, but again
that seems like a different issue.

Thanks for the reference to DNSREPORT. I hadn't known about it, and it seems

Jeffrey Pike

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