[Dshield] Help Needed With Dissection of Exploit

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Wed Aug 10 18:13:56 GMT 2005


	Thanks for the reminder about a details in "Follow the Bouncing
Malware".  I tried your idea on a little nasty I've got but I'm running
into problems. It's having issues creating the ActiveXObject.  IE
reports "Automation server can't create object"  I'm not a coder so I'm
sure I'm screwing something up.  I'd like to find out what this thing is
trying to do, any pointers would be much appreciated.

Thanx, Paul 

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Nemo Omen wrote:
> I became aware of a new piece of spam last week. It tells me I can get

> bank account passwords and transfer some money into my account too. A
> deal too good to refuse. The address is
> http:/www.asdfgh.org/passwords.html  Don't load this site up unless
> you are happy to infect your machine or use a non m/s o/s.


In one of my "Follow the Bouncing Malware" articles, I outlined a method
of quickly decoding stuff like this by allowing the malicious code
itself to do the work for you:



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