[Dshield] Invalid packets?

David Vincent support at sleepdeprived.ca
Thu Aug 11 05:46:11 GMT 2005

Mimi The Brain wrote:

>Our wireless lan's connection drops a lot. So I decided to research
>what was the problem.
>A perticuliar neighborhood router is emiting a lot of invalid packets.
>That is, the checksums of the packets is wrong, always wrong! From the
>same ports, 9389, 2720-2732 comming from the router's IP.
>It's a linksys router. Our WLAN is a dlink.
>Suggestions? I'm all ears. thanks! :D
>I can post ethereal data/packets is needed.

possibly just changing the channel your wilan uses will solve the 
issue.  you can use netstumbler to determine what other wilans in your 
area are using and then choose a channel that is unoccupied or does not 
have a strong signal.  that is, the wilans in your area which are 
broadcasting their ssids.


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