[Dshield] Invalid packets?

Mimi The Brain mimithebrain at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 15:00:20 GMT 2005

David Vincent wrote:

>possibly just changing the channel your wilan uses will solve the
>issue.  you can use netstumbler to determine what other wilans in your
>area are using and then choose a channel that is unoccupied or does not
>have a strong signal.  that is, the wilans in your area which are
>broadcasting their ssids.

I really wish it was as simple as that. The idea of a WLAN was to make
things simpler. *sigh*

I used kismet, we have about (surrounding us) ... o... 10 WLANs around
here? 2 on Ch.11 and the rest except mine on Ch.6 ... ours is at Ch.1

Users are getting security wise and actually are locking up their
router with WEP... (impressive)

Dlink thinks that what I described to them:
A router that often would get connection drops.
And often, lock WLAN out for many days 
It wouldn't work on Mac, Linux and windows.

that would define, to them, a defective router.

I think I need to go do a bit more research on how WLAN works and
collect more logs and packets.

have a nice day


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