[Dshield] 1026-27

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Thu Aug 11 16:14:45 GMT 2005

Firewall? Hey that's a good idea, only kidding ;)  I understand what
they are.  I guess I should have been a little more detailed in my first
post.  Are the source ports accurate or spoofed?  I guess I'm looking
for a way to get to the bottom of this stuff and get it shut down.  My
log is split 50% 1026 and 45% 1027, it's a pain in the butt trying to
find legit stuff through all this freaking noise.

Thanx, Paul

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On Thu, 2005-08-11 at 11:47 -0400, Paul Marsh wrote:
> 	1026-27 just keeps rising, any ideas how to stop it?

Uhm.... with a firewall?

Seriously, the vast majority of UDP 1026-1027 are pop-up message, pop-up
spam and pop-up scam alike. You can't do anything to stop them coming
down your Internet pipe, unless you tell your ISP to filter those

Log them and report them to DShield if you like, or ignore them. That's
about it.



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