[Dshield] Invalid packets?

womber womber at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 15:40:17 GMT 2005

You may want to try wireless snort. It will help point out the trouble
packets on the wlan.

WEP is like locking your door with duct tape.

On 8/11/05, Mimi The Brain <mimithebrain at gmail.com> wrote:
> David Vincent wrote:
> >possibly just changing the channel your wilan uses will solve the
> >issue.  you can use netstumbler to determine what other wilans in your
> >area are using and then choose a channel that is unoccupied or does not
> >have a strong signal.  that is, the wilans in your area which are
> >broadcasting their ssids.
> >
> >-d
> I really wish it was as simple as that. The idea of a WLAN was to make
> things simpler. *sigh*
> I used kismet, we have about (surrounding us) ... o... 10 WLANs around
> here? 2 on Ch.11 and the rest except mine on Ch.6 ... ours is at Ch.1
> Users are getting security wise and actually are locking up their
> router with WEP... (impressive)
> Dlink thinks that what I described to them:
> A router that often would get connection drops.
> And often, lock WLAN out for many days
> It wouldn't work on Mac, Linux and windows.
> that would define, to them, a defective router.
> I think I need to go do a bit more research on how WLAN works and
> collect more logs and packets.
> --
> have a nice day
> mimithebrain
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