[Dshield] Invalid packets?

Mimi The Brain mimithebrain at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 15:23:14 GMT 2005

Thanks for you feedback.

This might sound stupid to you (well, it is to me anyway), shaking the
unit mildly does help reestablishing proper connection. It works for a
short while.

That leaves two things.

1. Environmental issue
2. Deffective.

These two aren't related to this thread, but I'm getting closer to
solving the original goal.

While I'm still curious what those nearly empty "currupted" packets
are, and what these ports have to do with anything in the whole story,
I should proove/disproove #1 & 2 first before assuming anything such
as interference from exessive packet count, cell phone on 2.4 Ghz
frequency, and the such.

Thank you for your help.

have a nice day


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