[Dshield] [DShield] Architecture approach

Aaron Lewis aaron at adldatacomm.net
Fri Aug 12 23:06:19 GMT 2005

I didn't say I don't like NAT I use NAT at home and everywhere else on
private nets. I just said I don't think a public web server is a valid
application for NAT. Don't feel like you're hiding because you're not. It's
very easy to reveal your real IP.

www.whatismyip.com is a very simple example of this.


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> Aaron Lewis wrote:
> >I'm certainly not top dog on this list, however I will say
> that >the reason
> >for NATing is to conserve IPv4 space. Contrary to many
> >peoples belief,
> >NATing doesn't 'hide' anything.
> Aaron: Don't feel bad - I'm so far down the "feed chain" that
> the fish can't even find me. :)
> If we're talking about the same thing; I love my NAT. It's
> doing a fine job of hiding my IP address, and blocking all
> the crap that's trying to enter my machine. The best part
> about it is that I don't need to write ANY rules for it to do
> it's job, which makes it perfect for a simple minded home
> owner like me. Which brings up my point - most of you guys
> and gals are experts, but you need to keep in mind that there
> are regular people on the list (like myself), and it's easy
> to talk over our heads. If I understood correctly - Aaron
> doesn't like NATS?? Why? I think that it's the number one
> line of defense, and the stores should give them away with
> each new machine they sell. I do understand that maybe I
> didn't understand what was said - and if that's the case,
> forgive me. :)
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