[Dshield] Increasing number of SQL_Slammer_Worm

Henderson, Henry Henry.Henderson at oa.mo.gov
Fri Aug 12 18:15:31 GMT 2005

In the last couple of days we have been seeing a increasing number of
SQL_Slammer_Worm attempts against our public sites.

A high number are from Asian countries, is anyone else seeing this.


Tag Name                                 Severity  Event Count Source
Count Target Count  Object Count     Earliest Event            Latest

SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      High      2,124334           1440
12654               1          2005-08-10 07:00:00 CDT
2005-08-12 12:00:00 CDT


Time                                                     Tag Name
Event Count       Severity Source IP          Target IP           Object

2005-08-11 07:43:57 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      726
High  XXX.XXX192.162            1434

2005-08-11 09:54:45 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      722
High     XXX.XXX60.103              1434

2005-08-11 09:37:12 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      718
High  XXX.XXX209.153            1434

2005-08-11 10:03:49 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      718
High  XXX.XXX154.240            1434

2005-08-11 09:44:43 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      715
High  XXX.XXX51.122              1434

2005-08-11 09:36:11 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      714
High  XXX.XXX15.135              1434

2005-08-11 09:40:40 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      708
High  XXX.XXX67.67                1434

2005-08-11 07:57:43 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      707
High XXX.XXX149.25             1434

2005-08-11 09:48:02 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      705
High       XXX.XXX114.183            1434

2005-08-11 09:51:05 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      704
High  XXX.XXX158.203            1434

2005-08-11 09:38:13 CDT           SQL_SSRP_Slammer_Worm      703
High  XXX.XXX122.60              1434



Henry Henderson
Missouri Office of Administration
Information Technology Services Division
Information Security Managment Office


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