[Dshield] [DShield] RE: Thanks Brian

Mike Wydra mwydra1 at comcast.net
Sat Aug 13 03:17:24 GMT 2005

Valdis Kletnieks wrote:
>And this e-mail of yours leaked an IP address again.  :)

Yes Valdis, I'm aware of that, and I know that every time I go on line, I'm opening a return port for someone to get into my machine. I also know that (depending on where I surf) there's a good chance that I may download some crap buried in what I'm receiving. That's why I have three virus checkers running in the background (which doesn't slow my machine down that much), I update the signatures and patches religiously, and if for some reason I suspect I have a real nasty bug - I dump my hard-drive and go to the backup. Dumping my drive includes writing garbage to the entire drive ten times before I reformat. Want to talk about paranoid... :)

Mike Wydra

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