[Dshield] FW: DShield Submission Confirmations ceased

Peter Stendahl-Juvonen peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com
Sat Aug 13 21:04:25 GMT 2005

| > Sent this info a few hours ago to info(AT)dshield.org as well as
| > Johannes.
| "got your message and replied. Maybe an anti-spam issue?
| We do have one of our mail servers down today for maintenance.
| the others should pick up the slack. The mail server that is down is
| 'mail3.dshield.org' (and mail4.dshield.org which is the same IP).
| If you have these mail servers hard coded, you may see problems."


Still not receiving any mail from DShield. Luckily happened to see your
reply post in List archive.

Would not think it to be an anti-spam issue, since I do not discard
straight away mail flagged by my ISP as spam, but have it entered in a
spam mail folder. My ISP uses Spam Assassin, and gives the options of
discarding, flagging and possibly not-flagging suspected spam mails.

Additionally use local filtering also. However, my MUA just directs the
mail from my inbox into several other mail folders. If you use the same
senders' mail-addresses when sending from the other servers, then there
should be no impact on local filtering and my filters should direct the
mail to the normal folders.

Are you implying I am the only one experiencing these issues? Are the
others just lazy in reporting minor issues like this?

Could my ISP for some reason discard the mail in question (instead of
flagging it as spam according to my preference)? For what reason would
they do that?

Thanks in advance for prompt response.

- Pete

Peter Stendahl-Juvonen <mailto:peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com> wrote
on Saturday, August 13, 2005 9:20 PM (EET) UTC+3

| DShield Submission Confirmations ceased
| Sent this info a few hours ago to info(AT)dshield.org as well as
| Johannes. 
| In an attempt to ensure the awareness of this issue, post this
| attention on the list as well. 
| DShield Submission Confirmations have arrived promptly for some time,
| but ceased suddenly Friday night (GMT+3). 
| Last confirmation was for a submission submitted Friday Aug 12 7:23
| PM (GMT+3). 
| At present, missing 24 confirmations for all 24 submissions after
| that. 
| - Pete
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|                          distance from the problem."
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