[Dshield] Suggestion to take the ISC Storm Alert to "Orange"

DAN MORRILL dan_20407 at msn.com
Mon Aug 15 22:46:27 GMT 2005


Maybe we got lucky, but we were done with patching by friday and are missing 
the entire party it looks like. In the internet health report though for the 
USA the network latencies are ok except XO to XO, and world wide, they seem 
well within the boundaries of operation that they have been for the last 
couple of months.

I am not sure about orange, in checking the ISC site they say "A major 
disruption in connectivity is imminent or in progress. Examples: Code Red on 
its return, and SQL Slammer worm during its first half day ". None of the 
national or international health reports are showing any issues like you are 
talking about.

Over here in seattle we are just not seeing anything really major happening, 
but then we are patched and not having any problems getting anywhere we need 
to get to. I'll go along with orange if it changes, but we are not seeing 
very many problems at all where I work at, but then we have a really robust 
patch program, and everything was on a 72 hour window.


Sometimes MSN E-mail will indicate that the mesasge failed to be delivered. 
Please resend when you get those, it does not mean that the mail box is bad, 
merely that MSN mail is over worked at the time.

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>Subject: [Dshield] Suggestion to take the ISC Storm Alert to "Orange"
>Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 22:24:42 GMT
>Peresonally, I see all kinds of reason to take the ISC Alert
>Level to "Orange" -- I see all kinds of problems.  :-/
>Perhaps not in the Internet infrastructure, per se, but MAJOR
>disruption in enterprise networks today. MAJOR...
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