[Dshield] bellsouth - virus reporting

Tony Nichols tony at mail.applog.com
Tue Aug 16 12:52:36 GMT 2005

I've been hit about 40 times a day by infected bellsouth customers.... I
emailed the address listed under their dns list and got a reply; part of
it is the following:

Virus Complaints:

Every effort will be made to notify our customers if we identify that
they are transmitting a computer virus.  If you have received a virus
via email from a BellSouth Internet Services customer, we need the
header information from that email to identify the customer (see Spam
section above). If you have a virus, and it needs to be cleaned, you
need to have commercial anti-virus software on your system with updated
definitions.  If you have a need for security software, please visit:


Well that was fine and good..... I would just report the addresses there
and be done.


There is no such address!

I looked it up via dig and dnstuff.... no a record exists.

Anyone else found a way to notify them? or should I just keep deleting
the virus notifications, and hope they eventually fix the problem

Thanks for any input you could provide.

t o n y

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