[Dshield] bellsouth - virus reporting

Mike Easter mike.easter at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 19:14:55 GMT 2005

Tony Nichols wrote:
> If you have a need for security software, please visit:
> http://www.bellsouthinternetsecurity.com/

That site used to be a place where bellsouth and symantec had a 'deal'
going for the user to go get software from symantec -- it isn't actually
a reporting place.

If you go to this current bellsouth page
http://services.bellsouth.net/member/help/h0300.htm  where bellsouth is
'promoting' the symantec and providing a link to a
bellsouthinternetsecurity page, it actually links to
which redirects to

Unless you were interested in buying some symantec subscriptions, you
wouldn't want to be going to that page.

If instead, you are trying to tell them about their virm propagator, you
are supposed to follow the other instructions:

> If you have received a virus
> via email from a BellSouth Internet Services customer, we need the
> header information from that email to identify the customer (see Spam
> section above).

Mike Easter

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