[Dshield] Back to InfoCon Green

Matthias Jaenichen mj2 at percomp.de
Wed Aug 17 05:47:17 GMT 2005

You mean like - "Clear on co-driver's side!"

Just wondering why we are still on yellow?
There are thousands of companies that still use Windows2000sp4 (quite 
happily, if not ...)

Lets just hope that they will notstart to implement a mechanism to 
log on as an admin, then we are in trouble!

At 22:32 16.08.2005 -0400, TheGesus wrote:
>heh.  Famous last words.
>On 8/15/05, Johannes B. Ullrich <jullrich at sans.org> wrote:
> > Back to InfoCon Green
> >
> > As of Tuesday, 1:45 AM GMT (Monday 20:45 EDT), we moved back to infocon
> > green.
> >


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