[Dshield] San Diego County "brought to it's knees" by worm....

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Wed Aug 17 14:06:12 GMT 2005

Am I missing something here?  It's all bot warfare, all reports I've read say basically the same thing....
No compromise of data.  Just an idea here but if the systems are infected with these bots, one could bet it's called home and installed something else like rootkits?

Thanx, Paul 

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I'm sure the worst of this has past, but I still believe that going back to "InfoCon Green" on Monday night was a it premature.

Daniel J. Chacón writes in SignOnSanDiego.com:


An Internet worm that crashed computer systems nationwide wreaked havoc on the county government's network yesterday, shutting down 12,000 desktops and forcing thousands of employees to work the old-fashioned way: manually.

"We're looking at one another and wondering what the heck we used to do before we became so computer dependent," county Supervisor Ron Roberts said.

The worm, which affects Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating system, started to infect county computers at 11 a.m. and prompted officials to disconnect the entire system, county spokesman Michael Workman said.

"At this point, there's been no compromise of data, no compromise of records, but to deal with the problem, you have to shut down," he said.

About 200 people were working overnight installing patches on 3,000 of the "most critical" computers so they would be up by today, he said.



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