[Dshield] XBox have the PnP bug?

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Wed Aug 17 18:54:25 GMT 2005

I was also thinking of XP Embedded. I ran a honeypot here with XP (no
patches at all) and it got compromised quite quickly, the first few
attempts caused it to reboot then it got infected. 

I'm not totally up to speed with embedded but do you not have to create
a new image of the OS for each update to it? I'm thinking along the
lines of POS (point of sale) devices on lans etc. Would be interesting
to walk into your local staples and see their POS rebooting. 

Anyone else upto speed on XPe?


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That's a good question. :-)

I had read somewhere (on hack mods) that the XBox ran,
basically, a "special" Win2k kernel, so no idea if this
has the PnP vulnerability...

- ferg

-- "David McGaughey" <mcgoy at plumbearcat.com> wrote:

Anyone know if the Xbox has the PnP bug?  I'm sure the current exploit
doesn't work against them, but was curious if anyone heard if the XBox
needed a patch.  Only asking because I've seen a lot of UPnP traffic
from an

David McGaughey
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