[Dshield] MS05-039 exploits prove that pacthing "window"isgetting shorter and shorter and...

Chris Wright dshield at yaps4u.net
Thu Aug 18 11:47:13 GMT 2005

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> "window"isgetting shorter and shorter and...
> I would like to offer a suggestion to the American public 
> that are tired of fixing and repairing machines.
> Buy an Apple.
> Joel


There is no need for those type of comments on this forum.
It doesn't matter what you have these days, if you are popular, you'll get
As Apple is in the minority, it doesn't get targeted as much as others do.
Take Firefox.. The greatest non MS browser in the world as many claim, as
soon as it became popular, it too became the target of exploits and the more
popular it gets the more that will be found.  The same will happen for any
OS/Application etc and Apple included (when one day it becomes popular and
main stream enough for them to concentrate exploit resources at it).

Lets just concentrate on beating those that are responsible for the exploits
rather than knocking any one group.



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