[Dshield] 0-day exploit: Microsoft Internet Explorer "Msdds.d ll"Remote Code Exe cution Exploit

Wayne.Fielder@ky.gov Wayne.Fielder at ky.gov
Thu Aug 18 12:05:01 GMT 2005

That could well be the case.  If I'm Mr. Anonymous, I think I would ask
FrSirt to post the chronology of how this 0Day sploit was released so we, or
I at least, can direct my frustration appropriately.  Which is to say that
either FrSirt has screwed up by not checking into Ms. Anonymous'
story(assuming she gave them one about disclosing this to M$) or M$ has
screwed up by ignoring the pleas of Mr. Anonymous.

Either way, we all get to suffer... ;) 

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"Msdds.dll"Remote Code Exe cution Exploit

> So what happened to the concept of keeping these things under wraps 
> until the Vendor has had a chance to prepare a response/patch etc etc?

My guess is that Microsoft ignored the report of the bug, as usual.  The
reporter probably got tired of waiting for a response for the past 6 months.

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