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John B. Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Thu Aug 18 16:24:28 GMT 2005


if only SJobs & co had not abandoned me with the first gen of PowerPC 
MAC's & their lack of upgradeability I would still be using them..
In the 1980's I was responsible for, among other things, a very large 
proposal organization in GTE and Sprint and we used Macs for the entire 
decade of the 1980's starting with the first version (we even beta 
tested the precursor Lisa product) in both the US and abroad. As they 
say down South, Macs were "steets ahead" of Microsoft in any proposal 
department but corporate policy eventually decimated the MAC franchinse 
due to the MAC/PC interoperability limitations at that time. Nonetheless 
it would not surprise me if a lot of marketing organizations especially 
in smaller companies were still using Apple Mac today for proposal work. 
On a local radio station this past Tuesday, a tech commentator 
suggested, for the reasons those on this list know very well, that 
parents consider a Mac instead of a Microsoft PC  for their soon to be 
college freshmen.

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