[Dshield] Users don't pay attention

Robert Nelson nelsrob at mts.net
Fri Aug 19 01:59:30 GMT 2005

Oh, that is far too true... You can inform them, remind them, warn them, and
everything else short of beating them with a stick and some folks just don't
get it.

I work at a "computer help desk" for a large government department, and I
can attest that many users are next to clueless in regards to the computer
they use all day long. And there are some LAN techs that are sadly lacking
in knowledge of basic security, too.

You have to take a road test to get a driver's licence, but anyone can buy a
computer. No testing required...

What are we to do? Keep trying. Maybe they will clue in eventually. Perhaps
someday someone will make an id10t-proof computer and OS... or not...


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I think fighting these exploits is impossible. As soon as I read about 
this latest Plug and Play exploit I emailed ten small companies and end 
users that I knew were running Windows 2000 and told them where to get 
the patch and how to configure their routers and Zone Alarm firewalls. 
This was a week ago and so far only one person has done anything. They 
are starting to call me one by one asking for help now that they have 
been had.

What are we going to do? Most Windows users don't want to know anything 
about computers. They won't even turn on the automatic updates or 
install patches when they are warned by someone they should trust. I ask 
them why? And they say "I don't know how". I say look I told you in the 
email and it is all spelled out on the Microsoft web page. I really 
think it is a loosing battle!

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