[Dshield] Users don't pay attention

Aaron Lewis aaron at adldatacomm.net
Fri Aug 19 02:16:27 GMT 2005

LAN techs...???? Hah I know government workers with a network engineer title
who can't spell PIX. Are you kidding me this guy doesn't have a clue about
anything. His solve all solution is "We have a firewall we don't need AV
software." "We don't need to patch our systems" It's an all Cisco shop and
he doesn't know squat about Cisco IOS. They outsource EVERYTHING. But this
guy makes 55k a year to make those phone calls. LOSER.

Really tweaks me.


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> Oh, that is far too true... You can inform them, remind them,
> warn them, and
> everything else short of beating them with a stick and some
> folks just don't
> get it.
> I work at a "computer help desk" for a large government
> department, and I
> can attest that many users are next to clueless in regards to
> the computer
> they use all day long. And there are some LAN techs that are
> sadly lacking
> in knowledge of basic security, too.


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