[Dshield] New Phish - AntiPhishing.org?

Holmes, Alan AHolmes at FSC.Follett.com
Fri Aug 19 13:11:07 GMT 2005

Hey, does anyone know what became of www.antiphishing.org
<http://www.antiphishing.org> ?  They haven't updated their site since the
end of June.
I got a really good eBay phish yesterday telling me that eBay was disabling
or severely restricting inactive eBay accounts.  I haven't bought anything
(or sold) on eBay for a few months so it caught my attention.
As per my usual procedure, rather than clicking on the link, I went to
eBay's site, logged in and found no such information.  A view-source on the
email had the hyperlink actually go to a subdirectory (starting with a "."
so that it wouldn't show up on an "ls") HVAC company's website.  Clearly the
company's server was hacked and used to collect all of the information in a
I went to the antiphishing site and did a search to make sure that the phish
I saw was listed (as I have pointed many people to this site in the past
when they receive suspicious emails).  No recent information.  Oh well.
What was interesting about this phish is that not only did it have my home
email address (duh, I got the email) but it had the correct corresponding
eBay user ID which looks nothing like the username part of my home email
address.  That's what made it look so convincing.
Think I should report this to eBay?  What about the company's website that
got hacked?

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