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Fri Aug 19 16:24:18 GMT 2005

> Barton,
> better still and, as others have stated, from the perspective of 
> employment, consider it a "winning battle" and charge "peak usage" 
> rates, say by means of a Dutch auction of  your valuable time to the 
> highest bidders, kind  of like selling  umbrellas in a rainstorm while 
> being nice of course and providing excellent customer service.
> -- 
> Best Regards,
> John Holmblad 

Yes John I have done that over the years. Believe me I am not lamenting 
the income that users and viruses have afforded me. If it were not for 
virus software like Windows my  yearly income would be much less. On the 
other hand I tend to agree with the post that sighted the fact that one 
needs a license to drive a car but not a computer. I think the good news 
(maybe not in time for my sanity) is that younger people have much more 
computer knowledge than the 30+ generations. I read an interesting 
article in the paper today about a school district (somewhere) that has 
gone 100% to computers with no text books at all (all Apple laptops). 
These kids will have a much better idea about computers than my 30 and 
40 something clients.

On a somewhat different note, it seems to me that a large part of the 
problem lies with the ISPs. If they would take an active roll in the 
fight against SPAM and WORMS and Viruses we would be a lot further 
along. Why can't they unplug machines that they know are infected, and 
why can't they try to identify infected machines on their networks? I 
certainly don't want to have to wait till our legislators draft some 
bizarre law to force ISP to do the right thing. I would be interested to 
hear what others think about this.

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