[Dshield] Zone Alarm mis-behaving

Laurent Saplairoles lsaplai at megassistance.com
Fri Aug 19 16:40:42 GMT 2005


these past few days, I upgraded most of my workstations to the latest version off Zone 
Alarm: 60_631_003

Since then I noticed that ZA tends to "crash" and display a red "Application error; 
Reboot system" message where it usually has its green "all systems active" one.

Rebooting solves the issue but it comes back later...

A reason why I upgraded is that I noticed that with the late 5.xx versions Internet 
Explorer was not stopped by ZA, even though it was set to easier ask for permission to 
connect or even block connection attempt.

So, do I really have a security issue? What way should I look?
Is anyone else noticing this behaviour from Zone Alarm?
Should I reverse to an older version?
Should we worry about ZA not doing its work anymore?


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