[Dshield] Server

Glenn Jarvis gaj at uppergroove.ca
Sat Aug 20 01:14:36 GMT 2005

> Glen,
> no wisdom to offer here, but, in case you have not found the following 
> analysis of an similar exploit from earlier this year, here is the url :
>    http://www.angelar.com/~jeremy/computer/hacked.html--
> Perhaps this is what  Stephane was referring to  in his post on this 
> topic. 

Thanks John. I did follow your link just to read up on it and gain some 
knowledge, plus
refresh my memory. I've noted that the icons directory isn't on my site 
and I searched
through the Awstats directory. The graphic files listed in the lines I 
posted are not used
by Awstats. As far as I know, the hosting company keeps all this up to 
date. I should
make sure folks know that this is a shared server account (shared 
hosting).  It's much
easier to let the hosting company keep up with the patches than me :-)


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