[Dshield] Users don't pay attention

Robert Nelson nelsrob at mts.net
Sat Aug 20 01:52:13 GMT 2005

In a previous reply to this thread, which I seem to have deleted, Barton, I
believe, made note that ISPs should be more proactive in blocking ports,
keeping an eye on the traffic on their network, and so on.

That would be a grand idea. They could at least block the nastier ports,
such as 445. I don't think blocking that port would hurt any legitimate
internet traffic! It may even stop (or at least severely impede) a worm or

Perhaps some ISPs don't want to monitor traffic due to the cost. They'll
have to pay humans to contact the offender, or at least deal with irate
customers if the process is automated and simply disconnects them. It always
seems to come down to profits, doesn't it?

My ISP does filter SPAM quite effectively, which is nice, but they don't
block any ports. They also have anti-virus software scanning your incoming

The BIG surprise, which I discovered just an hour or so ago, is that they
are providing ZoneAlarm Security Suite (the one with ant-virus and the whole
shebang) free to it's customers, with a licence good for 3 installations.
(Regular price $69.95 US for a one-year, one-PC licence.) So naturally, it
being free, I nabbed it and installed it. After installing and rebooting, I
found that the "Product update service expires in 7305 days." That's a 20
Year licence! Heck of a deal! It should be noted, however, that they never
sent any notification or advertised that fact... You would have to be
surfing their site to find it.

So perhaps some ISPs are catching on. The two big ones here in my area here
in Canada are both offering anti-virus, anti-spam, and the like for free.
And now firewalls. Let's hope the trend spreads.

In the meanwhile, we who know better should still endeavour to educate those
who do not.


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