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Sat Aug 20 02:19:58 GMT 2005

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On 20 Aug 2005, at 02:52, Robert Nelson wrote:
> In a previous reply to this thread, which I seem to have deleted,  
> Barton, I
> believe, made note that ISPs should be more proactive in blocking  
> ports,
> keeping an eye on the traffic on their network, and so on.

A few ISPs in the UK block outgoing port 25 which is great for  
reducing the amount of spam originating inside their network getting  
outside but is a bugger if you wanted to do something like - shock,  
horror - use some other smtp server. Luckily my ISP isn't one of them.

These ISPs will block the useful ports and lock you into their  
services no problem under the guise of being the superhero of the  
story but as you say, it's unlikely that they'll ever monitor or  
block the vast majority of their traffic. It's simply easier to say  
"It's the bad guys fault. Now buy our services."

I have heard of a few SOHO combi-modem/gateway/router/things starting  
to filter ports going from home -> internet but I can't think of a  
model number or brand off the top of my head and they're still few  
and far between. Still, there is hope!

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