[Dshield] Users don't pay attention

jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Sat Aug 20 10:29:12 GMT 2005

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, admin wrote:

-> I think fighting these exploits is impossible.

-> What are we going to do? Most Windows users don't want to know anything 
about computers. They won't even turn on the automatic updates or 
install patches when they are warned by someone they should trust. I 
ask them why? And they say "I don't know how".

They will learn, sometimes it just takes a few "See? I toldya so"'s 
unfortunately. When my father got a shiney new WinXP and connected to the 
Internet 24x7 with a high-speed DSL line, the one word that came into my 
mind was "botnet". Sure enough, it wasn't soon after that they where 
calling me to come over and help fix what had been turned into a huge mess 
by that time. When I found the machine, he was using MSIE and it was 
hi-jacked to some weird homepage where the hi-jackers must have messed up, 
because it didn't load right. I fixed that in the registry. All traffic 
was routing thru a server in Europe. Later Discover called him and said 
that someone was attempting to use his card (this is the one he had used 
online). They shut it down before much damage could happen. He had several 
bonafide viruses and uncountable spyware/adware, including WinTools, 
180Solutions, various Java exploits, small downloaders, and messes of 
tracking cookies. Someone had created some suspicous looking users, 
probably with 'net user /add'. The listening ports list from netstat 
scrolled off the screen.

He started from zero, but now he knows about spybot S&D, and 
Windowsupdate. He emailed me awhile back and said the list of fixes that 
had been installed now surpassed the number of programs he had installed. 
MSIE is parked permanantly, with Firefox in its place, which he watches to 
update. If I see something come up that affects Windows XP I'll forward 
him the mail. Mainly now he says he sees a few tracking cookies, and I 
told him about the 'ask each time' cookie policy within FF. Now he's got a 
handle on things, and I certainly wouldn't consider him a computer whiz or 
guru. But he knows enough to keep safe online and keep from becoming 
someone's spam zombie.


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