[Dshield] Syslog with Linksys WRT54GS router

Blake McNeill mcneillb at LinkLogger.com
Sat Aug 20 19:15:10 GMT 2005

Syslog doesn't work with the native Linksys firmware so you will need to
install a third party firmware like HyperWRT, SveaSoft's Satori, Alchemy,
Talisman, etc in order to get remote logging working.  We have detailed
instructions for enabling remote logging here for example:

http://www.linklogger.com/wrt_setup.htm - HyperWRT

http://www.linklogger.com/alchemy_setup.htm - SveaSoft

NOTE after installing a third party firmware do at least restore to factory
defaults before configuring anything as there is an issue concerning
wireless security in this area see
http://www.dslreports.com/forum/remark,14141344 for more information.


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I have a linksys WRT54GS router, and Kiwi syslog running as an NT
service. I am trying to get the router to log stuff to the syslogd. In
other Linksys routers, you can specify the IP address that you want it
to log things to. This router seems to only have an Enable and Disable,
but no IP address.

Has anybody else got this router to work with syslog?


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