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>I am not sure stupidity is the problem, it is ignorance.  MS advertises that
>you do not need to know anything to use Windows so you get a lot of people
>online that do not have any idea that anything bad could happen.  I put most of
>the blame on MS, they should configure Windows so it is secure for the average
>no nothing user, but they will not so we have to put up with a lot of zombied
I couldn't agree more. Microsoft should but has not locked down its OS. 
They have made it very difficult for users to NOT be 'administrator' 
(like root). If a user tries to be a non-privileged user it becomes 
almost impossible to do any work, and it requires a lot of extra 
knowledge -- the very thing Microsoft claims users don't need. I know of 
a lot of businesses that don't let users have administrator privileges, 
but they have an trained staff to do installs and maintenance.

The average end user at home does not have a "system administrator" to 
go to when something goes terribly wrong (in fact I always get really 
mad when MS Help says "Contact your system administrator for more 
assistance"). At this point computers and operating systems are not 
toasters or cars or refrigerators that just work and Microsoft should 
not be telling people that they are.

In contrast, every Linux installation that I have made has numerous 
warning about not being 'root' or using 'root' for any prolonged time. 
Almost all Linux distributions  are much more locked down out of the box 
than Windows. It would not be that difficult for Microsoft to secure it 
OS, they just don't want to take the effort.

Microsoft is kind of caught in a 'catch 22'. Their system was created 
for a LAN and they provided all these peachy-keen productivity and 
sharing tools. Then the Internet happened and they didn't pay any 
attention and just keep on making it easy to share and inter operate 
with things like ActiveX, COM, DCOM, and ".NET". Then the sky started to 
fall. No one wants Microsoft to take away all the cool features, but 
everyone wants them to make their OS safe. That is going to be a real trick.

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