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My ISP blocked port 25 by default, however I contacted them, they sent
me a form to sign to say that I will make sure I'm not an open relay and
are responsible for it's use etc. I signed it, faxed them back and had
it open within a few hours. 

If you need it, request it and get given it. If a user doesn't need it
then they're not going to request it if they aren't savvy enough.. 


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> The ability to mail directly is functionality, and I don't see why I 
> should lose this functionality being that I am not abusing it. I know
> could "smarthost", but I enjoy running my own server, mails get where
> are going faster, I know what the server said on the other end instead
> assuming the mail made it because I see no more of it, and I don't
have to 
> content with misbehaving spam filters. What I write to people and what

> they say back is important to me, and I don't want to lose even one
> of that to some filter that thought something was spam when it wasn't.

I do not see any lose of functionality relaying email through your ISPs
You will not see the return code directly but you will get a message
from your
ISPs server if the email does not get delivered.  Currently I am not
blocked on port 25 (but expect to be soon) but I have been sending all
of my
email through my ISPs server for years (even when I had a server set up
on my
own machine).  In my case the thing I am avoiding is having any ISP
block my
email because I am considered a dial up line (I am on DSL).

> If we consider incoming too, then there is even more reason have your
> server, as then I control what can come in at the door. It must be 
> working, because by and large I don't see much spam, and only a few US

> ISP's whom have been cold towards me and of couse Chinanet do a block.

I agree with your statement about incoming email.  I would very
definitely have
my own email server if my ISP did not allow me to NOT have them filter
my email.

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