[Dshield] Hiding IP's

Mike Easter mike.easter at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 22:09:12 GMT 2005

Aaron Lewis wrote:
> There was a small discussion regarding the ability to hide your IP
from the Internet.  Has anyone here used any of the software available
to do that?  If so which would you recommend and why?  I'm interested in
experimenting with this.

Define 'the internet' and who you are hiding the IP from and how hard
you are trying to hide.

Issues of concealing your IP address and other trails to your identity
revolve around email, webservers and usenet.

Normally when you contact a webpage and want its information, it knows a
lot about your browser and configuration and which IP address to send
the information.  In addition, the content of what is exchanged is not
encrypted or very secure..

Normally when you send your email, you use your provider's smtp server
which records your IP address and its own which is accessible to the
recipient.  Normally your email has your true email address in the From.
In addition, the content of that mail is not encryhpted or secure
against a determined snoop..

Normally or typically when you contact your provider's newsserver to
post, your IP is recorded and posted into the message header.  You may
or not put a bogus From on your usenet postings.

Normally, in the past, your provider would only provide information
about your account's meatspace identity to a legal subpoena based on
that IP address at a time.  Nowadays, your provider may be even more
sensitive and responsive to threats or challenges about copyright issues
than legal subpoenas.  In the past and in the present, adept identity
sleuthing might disclose more information about your meatspace persona
than would be obtainable by any subpoena to your provider.

The levels of obfuscation of your meatspace persona's IP address
available re the above are many.  You might choose an alternate
newsserver which doesn't stamp your IP;  but your registration's
identity is still subpoenable from the newsservice.  You might choose an
alternate mailserver which is more protective of your identity than your
provider, but still retains some kinds of logs.  The business of log
retention and what information is available is contentious between
privacy servers.

You might choose to use proxies to access webservers, webmail, or
newsservers.  You might choose to use anonymizing remailers or chains of
remailers and you might choose to encrypt those communications.

If you are trying to be anonymous and encrypted and beyond the discovery
of subpoena, you have to work harder.

There are a lot of layers of security, depending upon how much trouble
you want to go and what are the resources of your 'adversary' or
potential adversary.

Examples of places to start are such as cotse and privacy.li
http://www.cotse.net/home.html  http://privacy.li/index.htm

Next, there's the privacy, encryption, and remailer information

Mike Easter

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