[Dshield] Hiding IP's

Mike Easter mike.easter at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 22:28:12 GMT 2005

Mike Easter wrote:

> Normally when you send your email, you use your provider's smtp server
> which records your IP address and its own which is accessible to the
> recipient.  Normally your email has your true email address in the
> From. In addition, the content of that mail is not encryhpted or
> secure against a determined snoop..


A simple solution to hiding your IP address from mail is to have a gmail
account and send the mail from the gmail webmailer, which does not
disclose the IP address of the sender.  If you use the gmail smtp server
from your mua, your IP address /is/ shown in the header.

> Normally or typically when you contact your provider's newsserver to
> post, your IP is recorded and posted into the message header.  You may
> or not put a bogus From on your usenet postings.

The majority or free or nearly free alternate newsservers do not put
your IP address in the news header.

So, you could email and usenet hiding your IP without using any kind of
proxies or TOR or paid privacy protectors.  You could also use free but
somewhat unpredictable posted listings of proxy servers for web
browsing, if that's the part you wanted to be more private.

Mike Easter

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