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Mike Easter mike.easter at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 23:37:15 GMT 2005

Tom wrote:
> 2 internet cafes in town and neither would allow hooking up my
> laptop so I was forced to use their windoze machine.  I spent the
> first 20 minutes online running free antivirus checkers and spyware
> checkers before checking webmail.  Luckily I setup a bogus webmail
> account that was getting copies of my mail from my mailserver so I
> checked that one.  The next day I changed that webmail password when
> I was in a new location with direct access using ssh and vpn.
> My question is does anyone have an idea of a better/safer way to
> handle this type of situation short of a sat phone? I will be going
> overseas in a couple of months and my understanding is that direct
> 'net access is much more problematic than it is here in north america.

Over a year ago Marjolein Katsma was planning a trip from Holland thru'
Syria, Turkey, Iran, a buncha -stans, and some China, and she was trying
to figger out how to communicate and post to her travel blog while on
the trip.  She discussed some of that stuff in a spamcop newsgroup where
she was interactive at the time.  She knew she was going to have to be
cybercafe-ing it, so she was trying to work out a plan, and she's a
pretty clever lady.  She also is good about 'writing things down'.

Some of her prior planning can be dug up in her blog -- here's a page
that I found because I remembered looking last year.

She's also good about corresponding, so she would probably be helpful to
set up a little email dialog with.  She has a number of other sites
besides the travel blog one, as she is also 'javawoman', homesite help,
banspam, etc.

http://hshelp.com/  http://javawoman.com/

Mike Easter

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