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Sun Aug 21 23:52:15 GMT 2005

** Reply to message from Tom <dshield at oitc.com> on Sun, 21 Aug 2005 19:15:09

> On a trip recently to the boondocks, I stayed in a hotel with no 
> phones or internet and my cell phone was in dark territory.

You were really out in the woods!  I have never stayed in a hotel that did not
have a phone at least in the lobby (I have used a phone at the front desk to
retrieve my email, did not make the hotel manager too happy but he let me use

> My question is does anyone have an idea of a better/safer way to 
> handle this type of situation short of a sat phone? I will be going 
> overseas in a couple of months and my understanding is that direct 
> 'net access is much more problematic than it is here in north america.

I always carry my laptop on all trips and stay connected.  My ISP uses IPASS
(ipass.com) for access, they also have their own 800 number for the US.  I have
not had any problems using IPASS so far, that is probably spread over 10 or 12
years of use in the US (and I have been in the backwoods where my cell phone
was DOA), Canada and England.  I am leaving for a trip to Europe shortly and
have looked up the IPASS toll-free phone numbers in England, France, and the
Netherlands.  I do not expect any problems with staying connected.

Check to see if your ISP uses IPASS if not check with the ipass.com to see
which resaler is closest to you.  IPASS only charges for your connect time
which is short for me since I download my email and disconnect to read and
reply and then connect again if I have anything to send, I do very little net
surfing when traveling.

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