[Dshield] Hiding IP's

Aaron Lewis aaron at adldatacomm.net
Mon Aug 22 00:21:08 GMT 2005

My original thought was to mask my public IP address to everything on the
net. Not really sure. Hadn't thought it through that far. I guess you really
can be invisible to a web server and I don't do much Usenet stuff so I guess
what I'm thinking is not so much security as anonymity. Just trying to be
invisible, sort of as much as possible. Am I asking for to much? I'm looking
to play with this idea and see what things look like on the other end
(server logs) and stuff.

Does that help?


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> At 4:53 PM -0400 8/21/05, Aaron Lewis wrote:
> >There was a small discussion regarding the ability to hide
> your IP from the
> >Internet. Has anyone here used any of the software available
> to do that? If
> >so which would you recommend and why? I'm interested in
> experimenting with
> >this.
> Aaron,
> What exactly are you interested in/looking for? Anonymity? Security?
> Other? For usenet, mail, browsing, other? Security for yourself or
> your home network or the office?  Help kneck this down a bit.
> Tom
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