[Dshield] Hiding IP's

jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Mon Aug 22 07:54:29 GMT 2005

On Sun, 21 Aug 2005, Aaron Lewis wrote:

-> My original thought was to mask my public IP address to everything on the
-> net. Not really sure. Hadn't thought it through that far. I guess you really
-> can be invisible to a web server and I don't do much Usenet stuff so I guess
-> what I'm thinking is not so much security as anonymity. Just trying to be
-> invisible, sort of as much as possible. Am I asking for to much? I'm looking
-> to play with this idea and see what things look like on the other end
-> (server logs) and stuff.

I'd say HTTP or SOCKS4/5 proxies are the way to go. There's alot of junk 
on the search engines, but there are a few consistantly good sites that 
have nice, active lists. Write yourself a little PHP script and stick it 
on a page somewhere, and connect back to that to see what it's revealing 
about you. You must be careful as some proxies will send X_FORWARDED_FOR 
or HTTP_VIA in the headers that will list your IP anyways. SOCKS/5's are 
the best, because of what they'll allow: most any sort of connection to 
most or all ports. Due to this, they get abused and some people might not 
find this idea acceptable, but it does work well.

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