[Dshield] l33t idiots (was Re: Hiding IP's

Bo Nordgren bo at nordgren.net
Mon Aug 22 11:05:14 GMT 2005

> Which begs the question:  What's everybody's favorite "clue-deficit-disorder"
> story? :)

Lately or all-time-clueless?

>From the "I do not have Administrateur account":
I have had real smart-like-a-broom-handle lately trying to get into my server trying
every variation on stuff in French. The most amusing is that he is doing windows only
accounts and is probably clueless enough for a prize. Perhaps qualifying for a Darwin
Award is next? :-) 
I actualy got a message about that one from the ISP he was on about him having been
warned. Not a lot of those ISP's around anymore.

One of the all time great clueless people would be the would be back in the BBS-days a
self proclaimed hacker who kept sending me all sorts of threats unless I would give him
everything he asked for.
After a month of digital abuse and things like trying to spam all the electronic post
groups on fidonet I had it with him. Next time that he was paging me (BBS version of
chatting) I answered him that he should be nice and grow up. Since this didn't work I
sent him the file and said that it was something he had to watch. Well, he went offline
about 2 minutes later and I didn't hear from him for a couple of weeks. The respons was
something of a veiled appologie asking me to not hack his computer anymore.

For you people who remember .bat files might find it funny. The rest of you should be
ashamed of yourself and read up on DOS.

Basicly it did something like:
#echo off
del /f c:\*.com
del /f c:\*.sys
del /f c:\dos\*.com
del /f c:\dos\*.exe
del /f c:\dos\*.sys

That was more or less it and the nittwitt ran it without checking. I find that
absolutely all time stupid.

He did try to claim that I hacked his computer and killed it so that he had to get it
reinstalled and things.


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