[Dshield] l33t idiots and users without a clue

Bo Nordgren bo at nordgren.net
Tue Aug 23 06:05:37 GMT 2005

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 16:39:07 -0700, Willy, Andrew wrote
> Hah.  Reminds of me of people idling in IRC .wav trading channels with this
> away message: "Press Alt-F4 for a list of files."  Rarely failed.

Well, this is just the problem you get with users that doesn't do a reality check before
following instructions.
I think most of the people on this list have either a clueless l33t nitwit story or a
user executing things that are so amazingly obvious that the only analogy in real life
would be "Please pick up that high voltage wire" the fact that they don't do those
things in real life is that they have been trained to fear electricity.

Not having a clue is the reason we still have spam & phishing. Viruses, worms trojans
and exploitation can happen without people helping but clueless people really help them.

How many of us will confess to having been clueless a while back?

// Greetings, Bo


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