[Dshield] Banks Shifting Logins to Non-SSL Pages

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue Aug 23 16:26:54 GMT 2005

tir, 23.08.2005 kl. 16.53 skrev Stephane Grobety:

> Actually, it simply doesn't matter.
> 1/ Home users simply don't know about security. Training doesn't help
> either.

Actually, it can be far worse than that ...

A very good Dutch friend of mine (he's a hero, in many other ways) is a
senior (university educated, computer sciences) engineer and manager at
KPN, the major Dutch telecom exploiter (virtual monopoly of all Dutch
and much European infrastructure, growing like wildfire). At home he
uses one of KPN's el-cheapo daughter firms, planet.nl (there are others
he could have chosen), for broadband. His Windows XP PC is on line 24x7,
and I asked him about his firewall: "Don't have one".

Now I'm a Linux freak, and I most certainly *do* run my own firewall, I
watch my logs and what people try.

"What happens if you get a virus or a bot"? (And your computer becomes a
zombie and you infect other computers all over?)

"Don't give a damn, I pay Planet (zilch per month) to sort that all out
for me. All I want is e-mail and surfing, don't give a damn about
anything else".


So ...


To Liza Picquard (?), by Phil Williams on BBC Radio 5, Wed. 10th Aug.
2005, 15:59 CEST:

"What is your definition of 'poor'?"
"Well, if your only occupation is collecting dog turds for a living,
you're pretty poor ..."

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