[Dshield] Banks Shifting Logins to Non-SSL Pages

Hernandez, Moses MHernandez3 at mercymiami.org
Tue Aug 23 16:14:37 GMT 2005

>well as the goals of the browser makers. Three of the five largest U.S.
>banks now display login forms on non-SSL home pages, including Bank of
>America, Wachovia and Chase, as well as financial services giant
American >Express.

Damn I use some of these financial institutions. I digress however. Just
let me get to some of the meet and potatoes of the discussion.

>Web sites are generally reluctant to use "https" on busy home pages,
since >SSL involves a tradeoff: improved security, but slower response
time. >Consumers, meanwhile, prefer easy to-remember URLs for their
online >banking. In placing login screens on non-SSL home pages, banks
are trying >to have it both ways: fast page loading without the
SSL-related performance >hit. The login form's "action" URL points to an
SSL-enabled https URL.

Well as far as Https being intensive on processing power, there are
hardware based, asic based devices specifically meant to offload SSL
encryption schemes from overwhelmed servers. I think it may be a cop-out
for not wanting to spend the extra money on security. With SOX in play I
am not exactly sure how they are circumventing it but I would imagine
that since the "SUBMIT" is encrypted and so is the data after they have
figured a "LOOPHOLE" in SOX. Additionally consumers are not necessary
unable to redirect from HTTP to HTTPS so I am wondering what the actual
reasoning is, although I am sure there is a financial cost involved.
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