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Wed Aug 24 16:42:14 GMT 2005

Mike Wydra wrote:

>I must agree with Justin - It's going to be "a cold day in hell" before I do ANY on-line banking in the current environment. As more and more regular people get their funds stolen, or their credit wrecked, they will go back to visiting a "teller," and using snail mail. On-line banking is not safe, even if you have a totally secure machine. When people start to realize this on a mass scale - it will wreak the economy. There is only one solution for this, but I'm not going to start another holy war on the list by mentioning it. As far as "job security" is concerned - there will be no need for IT specialists when "Joe Average" quits using the Internet for ANY type of financial transaction.
"a cold day in hell", I don't do any online banking either. My bank, 
Wells Fargo, keeps telling me how secure they are and "why don't you try 
it". I just tell them, "then I couldn't see all you friendly tellers any 
more and pretty soon you will all be out of work". I don't use ATM cards 
either. Some times things are just too  convenient .

I use credit cards and think they are pretty safe (at least in the US 
where there are legal limits on your liability). To use online banking 
you just need to provide way too much information to be secure.

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