[Dshield] Correction

Mike Wydra mwydra1 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 25 01:16:57 GMT 2005

Mike Wydra (Yup, that's me) wrote:
>We just had a discussion about "on-line courtesy," yet you chose to >post my e-mail addy in the clear.

I made a mistake. "Justin S." DOES post almost everyone's e-mail addy in the clear. In the ONE example that I had looked at - he didn't (that was a quote he took from Cefiar). I should have looked at more examples before I jumped the gun.

I know from past experience that some of you guys are going to tell me that all of our e-mail addy's are in the header. This I know, and I appreciate the fact that some of you guys have taken the time to tell me that in the past. However, I still believe that it's improper to do that unless there is a specific reason for posting the addy. 

Mike Wydra

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