[Dshield] Another mentor led session in Salem.

SAWYER Charlotte M Charlotte.M.Sawyer at state.or.us
Thu Aug 25 00:20:32 GMT 2005

SANS has invited me to mentor another session (Security Essentials) in
Salem.  Below is the link.
Remember that early registration will save you some bucks!  :-)
Here is the promo info from SANS:
SANS Security Essentials course will be offered in the Salem area,
beginning Tuesday, November 15 in our SANS Mentor format.  SANS Mentor
Charlotte Sawyer will lead this course at the Finance Building for the
state of Oregon, where she is employed as a security analyst.  For
course complete course description, location, schedule and registration
instructions, http://www.sans.org/local/details.php?nid=1206.
In the event that you have already taken this class, please consider
SANS Intrusion Detection in Depth, in our new mentor conference style,
from October 10 - 15, 2005 in Portland.  For details, go to
With the SANS mentor program, there is no need to spend extra money on
travel expenses and be away from work and family for a week. You have
the opportunity to learn and digest same material you would receive at a
SANS conference over a longer time period, three months including the
holiday season, compared with a six day SANS conference. Your mentor,
Charlotte Sawyer, will lead you through the course material and get you
prepared to attempt the GIAC Certification.
Your tuition fee includes the certification exam fee plus two practice
exams.  Also, many mentor-led students report that the high value of
networking with professional peers in the area is a huge additional
benefit to this program.
Some people make the assumption that this course is too basic for them.
As a consequence, these people are not aware of how to deal with the
most significant network vulnerabilities, many of which are identified
in the latest SANS Top20 Internet Security Threats,
http://www.sans.org/top20/q2-2005update.  Networks are then even more
susceptible to incidents from inside compared to outside, usually
because systems are not properly patched with the most current updates.
And, if your organization has a disgruntled employee, your networks are
vulnerable.  This leaves you as a security professional vulnerable to
the question from your management, "Why didn't you know about these
vulnerabilities?  If you did know, why didn't you do anything about them
to correct the situation and mitigate the organization's risk?"
In SANS Security Essentials you will learn the language and underlying
theory of computer security.  At the same time you will learn the
essential, up-to-the-minute knowledge and skills required for effective
performance if you are given the responsibility for securing systems
and/or organizations.
No single technology will meet all of an enterprise's security
challenges.  However, by implementing a defense in-depth strategy that
includes multiple defensive measures, you can go a long way in securing
your enterprise.
Understanding the paths available to organizations that are considering
or planning to deploy various security devices and tools such as
intrusion detection systems and firewalls is just as important as
knowing how to protect against these attacks.

Charlotte Sawyer
Agency Network Technical Support
Oregon Dept of Revenue
voice:  503-945-8050
fax:  503-947-2150
email:  charlotte.m.sawyer at state.or.us
Charlotte Sawyer
Agency Network Technical Support
Oregon Dept of Revenue
voice:  503-945-8050
fax:  503-947-2150
email:  charlotte.m.sawyer at state.or.us

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