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Thu Aug 25 11:43:03 GMT 2005

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> Stu wrote:
> Would love to see you get mad when companies sell off your 
> snail mail address :D
> What makes you think I don't get mad :) I also get angry when 
> spammers ring my phone (I'm on the "no call" list), and I 
> nail them (my latest victim was some jerk from Direct TV). 
> The dumbest thing I ever heard in my life was from a check 
> out girl at "Best Buy." They, and a few other stores, now ask 
> for your "phone number" when you check out. I told her, "No, 
> I don't give out my number, and I'm on the no call list 
> anyway." She said, "Oh, can I have your "cell phone" then?" 
> What do you say to these morons?? Their everywhere...
> Yes - I like my privacy, and there's damn little of it left 
> (in these days of "Big Brother"). So I do tend to fight for 
> every little scrap of it.
> Okay - before I get a barrage of well meaning posts about the 
> fact that I'm using my real name and e-mail addy on this VERY 
> public list - don't bother. I KNEW what I was doing when I 
> joined the list. I like to think that I'm an honorable man (I 
> know that sounds Klingon), I had time on my hands, and I 
> liked the DShield mission. I was willing to expose part of my 
> privacy to help fight the scum that preys on the innocents. 
> In fact, until now I was under the mistaken impression that 
> everyone on the list was doing the same. I actually thought 
> it was a requirement. Now (that I look) I see that some of 
> the list members are hiding behind phony names and servers 
> such as "Mail Hop." So I guess that I AM the fool for hanging 
> my laundry out in the open. Oh well - another lesson that I 
> learned from DShield.
> Cheers,
> MW

I hardly say they were hiding, more likely using common sense and using a
disposable email address.
It is good practice to have a private address known by friends/family/work
colleagues and one for public use.
But since you can't control what people do with your email address, private
addresses don't remain that way for too long these days.  (Which is why I
have quite a few email addresses, all forwarded to a single account).

It is one reason why I set up email addresses for different public forums.
Since I use a number unique addresses, I know exactly where the spammers are
getting their sources from.

And regarding Gmail, I have found their SPAM detection to be second to none.
I've had no SPAM whatsoever in my inbox on my Gmail account and even most of
the 'Nigerian' type phishing attempts get picked up.
(I can send you an invite if you want - then you'll also be in the front of
the queue for Google Voice/Talk too).

Some people on this list maintain 100's if not 1000's of email addresses,
and not just their own personal account.

This isn't the first time you have 'gone off on one' without first
clarifying things off-list firsthand.
I'm not knocking you for it, just discussing it in public.  I've done the
same in the past and at least you have the decency to apologize in public. I
don't mind it if someone has a pop at me in a public forum when they have
the guts to apologize.

I once spent about $3500 in Best Buy after we moved to the US and the
checkout operator said that she couldn't process the payment unless I
provided my telephone number, so I gave them their own. (I was prepared by a
neighbour).  She never even blinked.  Damn sure I saw her working a late
shift at the local McDonalds that evening too.



Chris Wright

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